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Save Money on Prescription Drugs

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9 Tips to Avoid Big Fat Medical Bills

Medicines can cost a fortune. However, with some careful planning, you can easily get discount prescription drugs from an online pharmacy. Here’s the trick…

When your doctor signs a prescription, do you simply take it to a local chemist and pay the listed MRP for medication? Stop! You may not realize but you’re already spending double the money on medicinal drugs.

Regardless of the disorder that you’re purchasing the drug for, even if it is a temporary headache, postoperative pain, or something chronic like cancer and diabetes, you can still save money on prescription drugs by searching for alternatives online.

We’ll let on our secret. Here’s how you save money on online prescription drugs.

1. Find Drug Store Alternatives

Warehouse clubs, online pharmacies, and grocery stores are good alternatives to local chemists. There are several online groups where you can purchase a pill at almost half the price. Some warehouse houses are open to the public whereas the others require you to become a member.

Find the best warehouse groups, jot down a list of medicines that you need, and compare the price of different medicines. If you’re getting them at a cheaper price then you do not have to drive too far.

2. Check with the Manufacturers

Some drug manufacturers offer discount programs for people falling under low-income groups, severe medical issues, prescription insurance, or similar criteria. You can browse the manufacturer’s site to see if you’re eligible for assistance.

3. Go Generic

Check if the prescribed drug is a newly manufactured, brand-specific medicine or just a generic pill produced and marketed by multiple companies. You’ll get plenty of options if it’s a generic drug. Many retailers, such as Offshore Cheap Meds sell discount prescription drugs at a price that is less than what is mentioned in your medical cover.

Online pharmacy chains, offer the medication at cut rates for members willing to invest in their loyalty programs.

4. Get a Monthly Supply

You save a lot on purchasing a monthly supply of online prescription drugs. But, you save more if you order a 90-day supply. This trick works well with supplements and long-term medications (like medicines for hypothyroidism or blood pressure) that you need to take on a regular basis.

5. Review and Update your Medical Plan

Medical insurance companies offer a list of drugs they cover under your plan. These pills are available at cheaper rates. In case you’ve already enrolled yourself in a plan that doesn’t offer the medicine that you require, you can always update or personalize it.

6. Find Local Assistance

Many non-profit organizations, social groups, and state-run bodies offer prescription assistance programs. This scheme is especially available for people suffering from acute addiction or genetic disorders. If you happen to fall into any one of these categories, you can easily get medication at cut rates.

7. Ask for Free Samples

Many pharmaceutical reps leave behind free brand-name samples at doctor’s clinics. If you’re on friendly terms with a doc, you can always get a free sample to address your short-term illness.

8. Put Aside Money for an FSA Program (Only Available in Certain Countries)

Certain countries run an FSA program that lets you save money for prescriptions. This money is automatically deducted from your monthly income before any taxes are taken out. This way, if you set aside say $1000/year, the authorities will deduct fewer taxes on the remaining annual income.

9. Split the Pill

Asking the doctor to double the dosage is a smart thing to do. Double-strength medicines cost nearly the same as half-strength ones. Therefore, purchasing a 100 mcg tablet and cutting it with a pill splitter will cut your drug costs in half.

Make sure that you consult a doctor before doing this as splitting certain drugs may jeopardize their effectiveness.

So, these were 9 smart tricks to save money on prescription pills. Also, it never hurts to ask your pharmacist or physician to suggest an alternative medicine that would cost you less. Act smart, stay healthy!