Why Is Daliresp So Expensive?

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Daliresp is a brand name for a prescription medication generally named Roflumilast. It got FDA approval in 2011 for reducing inflammation of air passages and lungs, resulting in COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

This post lays special emphasis on the cost of Daliresp and best answers the most frequently asked question: Why is Daliresp so expensive? In this post, you will learn about options and offers available on the purchase of Daliresp that help you save your pocket expenses.

Daliresp eases breathing, prevents the worsening of symptoms in COPD patients, and treats patients suffering from chronic bronchitis. However, the medication is not a bronchodilator and does not work for relieving acute bronchospasm.

Daily intake of the recommended dose of Daliresp can help delay the progression of COPD and reduce its number of flare-ups. This medication may not work for everyone but it can work in your case if prescribed by your physician. Interested in purchasing Daliresp tablets? Keep reading this post to learn more about Daliresp. 

How does Daliresp work?

How does Daliresp work?
How does Daliresp work?

Daliresp belongs to the pharmacological class of selective phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitors. Its active ingredient is Roflumilast. Roflumilast works as a selective phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitor. It is a body protein involved in making inflammatory chemicals in the lungs.

It acts to increase the levels of cyclic adenosine-3’5’ monophosphate (cAMP) levels that further cause a broad spectrum of anti-inflammatory effects in almost all inflammatory cells.

As this medication blocks the activity of phosphodiesterase-4, it helps reduce swelling and irritation of the airways and within the lungs to improve breathing function, thereby preventing COPD flare-ups and reducing the risk of COPD exacerbations.  

Have you been prescribed for Daliresp tablets, but find it costly? Certain factors affect its cost and that is why is Daliresp so expensive. Get more details below with our blog.

Generic Daliresp:

Generic Daliresp
Generic Daliresp

Daliresp got FDA approval in 2011 to provide relief to COPD and chronic bronchitis patients. In 2011, the US Patent and Trade Marks Office granted a patent for Daliresp whose tenure is 20 years after which the drug can be made available commercially in its therapeutically equivalent version- the generic form. 

The generic Daliresp is a copy of an active ingredient of Daliresp- Roflumilast. As per patent law, more than 20 years have passed, and so currently Daliresp in its generic form can be manufactured and sold. Generally, Daliresp is an expensive medication. 

Have you been prescribed for Daliresp, but find it expensive? Read this blog to get your answers on Why is Daliresp So Expensive.

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Daliresp Cost:

Daliresp Cost
Daliresp Cost

How Much Does Daliresp Cost With Insurance?

With insurance aid, the purchaser of Daliresp tablets has to pay less. Having insurance coverage is the best for patients experiencing financial hardships. The buyers of Daliresp can contact the chosen pharmacy and their insurance providers to figure out how much insurance claim is possible on the purchase of Daliresp. They may have to get prior authorization before their insurance providers cover their cost of Daliresp.

The price of Daliresp tablets with insurance depends upon the terms of the healthcare plan the patient has. If you have insurance, you must contact your healthcare provider or pharmacist to calculate your copay with your existing insurance plan. Curious to know why is Daliresp so expensive. Move on to the main next section of the article to get better insights!

How Much Does Daliresp Cost Without Insurance?

In general, Daliresp tablets are priced much higher without insurance than with insurance or any financial aid. The customers holding no prescription drug insurance will have to pay the amount quoted by the seller depending upon the pack size of the tablets being purchased (20, 28, 30, or 90 tablets) and the strength of the tablets (250 mcg or 500 mcg). Usually, the price for a 30-day supply of 500 mcg Daliresp tablets is around $460.

If you want to know Why is Daliresp so expensive from its generic version? Then this blog will help you clear all your doubts. Even if there is no insurance to claim for the cost of the purchase of Daliresp tablets, you still have the option to pay less by joining patient assistance programs if eligible for it or using financial resources. 

The factors that are usually considered to qualify for a Daliresp patient assistance include being a permanent, legal resident of the United States; having no insurance or healthcare plan/insurance coverage; having income eligibility requirements. To buy Daliresp online contact the best online pharmacy, OffshoreCheapMeds, and buy medicine at the best cost.

Why Is Daliresp So Expensive?

Why Is Daliresp So Expensive?
Why Is Daliresp So Expensive?

Daliresp is a brand-name medication so it is costly. The reasons why is Daliresp so expensive are:

  • Research and Development on Brand-name Drugs: Brand-name medications undergo extensive research and testing before the manufacturing company makes them available for its users. This ensures the drug’s safety and efficacy. A lot of money goes into clinical drug research and development, and Daliresp manufacturer quotes high prices for it. The price is set high until there is availability of the generic form of the medication to the public.  
  • Patent law protection: For every new drug, the original manufacturer holds a patent that expires in 20 years. Until there is a patent, no other pharmaceutical company can sell the same drug in its generic form. Daliresp had a patent that had expired in 2021. So currently, as per patent law, Daliresp can be sold at an affordable price in its generic form by any pharmaceutical company worldwide.    
  • Unregulated pricing of prescription drugs: The United States Government does not regulate the cost of Daliresp. This means pharmacies can set high prices for Daliresp at their discretion. The price may vary depending on the demand and location of where the drug is sold.  
  • Limited competition: This is also a major factor that leads to higher prices of Daliresp, as fewer alternatives give companies more pricing power.
  • Specialized manufacturing: medications like Daliresp, require specialized manufacturing processes which are often expensive to set up and maintain. These costs are passed on to customers through higher drug prices.
  • Orphan drug status: The medicine may have received orphan drug status for treating rare diseases. This provides benefits to the manufacturer and leads to higher drug prices due to limited demand.
  • Recover  R & D cost: Pharma companies aim to recover R&D costs for successful and failed drugs, which affects drug pricing and overall cost. 


How long does it take for Daliresp to start working?

Daliresp tablets have to be taken daily once for several weeks before one can reap its positive effects. If you have noticed no improvement in your symptoms after taking this tablet, you must consult your doctor for medical advice.

What happens if you stop taking Daliresp?

It is advised to not stop taking Daliresp without first speaking to a doctor. If you discontinue the intake of Daliresp tablets, you won’t be able to get the most benefit from it. Daliresp works best when it is taken at evenly spaced intervals.

How long does Daliresp stay in your system?

Daliresp contains Roflumilast as its active ingredient. After oral administration of Daliresp, the plasma half-live of roflumilast is found to be 17 hours while that of its active metabolite (roflumilast N-oxide) is 30 hours.

Is Daliresp a steroid?

Daliresp (Roflumilast) is neither a steroid nor a corticosteroid rather it is a medication belonging to a different pharmacological class called phosphodiesterase-4 enzyme (PDE-4) inhibitors. This class of medication is novel and the first non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug used to treat COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Just like steroids, they help reduce inflammation in the airways and lungs but differ in their mechanism of action and potential side effects.

What is the best time to take Daliresp?

The medication is typically taken once daily, with or without food. The timing of taking this medicine may vary among people and one must follow the doctor’s advice. Also, to ensure the medicine’s effectiveness, one must take Daliresp consistently at the same time every day. We hope this article by OffshoreCheapMeds has helped you understand why is Daliresp so expensive.