How to take Dexilant?

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Dexilant is a brand prescription drug used for healing erosive esophagitis, and treating signs of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Also, the drug can be used to manage the signs of erosive esophagitis already healed and helps to ease heartburn. Dexilant comprises the medication, Dexlansoprazole, which falls under the category of drugs named proton pump inhibitors.

Dexilant is available as a capsule. It’s comes in two dose strengths: 30 mg and 60 mg. Also, the medication is approved for use in adults and kids 12 years and above. Read on to know How to take Dexilant?

What is Dexilant used for?

The FDA approves prescription medications including Dexilant to treat several conditions. Dexilant can also be used off-label for other medical problems. This blog covers information related to how to take Dexilant?

Dexilant For GERD:

Dexilant For GERD
Dexilant For GERD

Dexilant is FDA-approved for treating signs of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) in adults and kids above 12 years. GERD is a condition in which there is a backward flow of acid from the stomach. And, this causes heartburn and likely injury of esophagus.

Thus, Dexilant works by reducing the amount of acid produced in the stomach. People taking this medication for treating signs of GERD may consume it for up to four weeks.

Dexilant For Erosive Esophagitis:

Dexilant For Erosive Esophagitis
Dexilant For Erosive Esophagitis

Dexilant can be used to heal erosive esophagitis in adults and kids with age 12 years and older. When consumed for this use, Dexilant must not be used for over 8 weeks. In addition, Dexilant is FDA-approved as a maintenance treatment for erosive esophagitis already been healed.

The medication can be used to ease heartburn and to prevent signs of erosive esophagitis from recurring. When using Dexilant as a maintenance treatment, you may consume it for up to six months. Keep on reading to know how to take Dexilant?

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Off-Label Uses For Dexilant:

Together with the uses mentioned above, Dexilant can be consumed off-label for other conditions.

Dexilant For Ulcers:

Dexilant For Ulcers
Dexilant For Ulcers

The FDA has not approved Dexilant for treating individuals with ulcers. Yet, it can be helpful for treating stomach ulcers (at times known as peptic ulcer disease). A common reason for peptic ulcer disease is a bacterial infection referred to as H. pylori.

For treating H. pylori infections, it is suggested to use a combination of antibiotics and a proton pump inhibitor (PPI).

Dexilant is also a PPI. Discuss with your healthcare provider if you wish to use Dexilant to treat your ulcers.

Dexilant For Gastritis:

Dexilant For Gastritis
Dexilant For Gastritis

Dexilant is not FDA-approved for treating gastritis (inflammation in the stomach lining). Yet, it can be helpful in various cases of gastritis. A common reason for gastritis is a bacterial infection referred to as Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori).

For treating H. pylori infections, it is advised to use a combination of antibiotics and a proton pump inhibitor (PPI). Dexilant is also a PPI. Scroll down to understand how to take Dexilant?

How Dexilant works?

How Dexilant works?
How Dexilant works?

Your stomach forms acid to digest the food you consume. A few individuals’ stomach forms an excess of acid, which may result in acid reflux. Acid reflux implies that acid flows in backward direction from stomach to esophagus (tube that links your mouth to stomach).

The presence of acid in esophagus may give rise to esophagitis. This condition is the inflammation of the esophagus. Serious esophagitis may alter the structure of your esophagus and may result in erosive esophagitis. Individuals with erosive esophagitis can develop ulcers (open sores) in their esophagus.

GERD takes places if stomach acid accumulates in the lower fragment of your esophagus and the upper fragment of your stomach. Nonerosive GERD implies that the acid fails to result in sores in your esophagus. Heartburn (which is a burning feeling in the throat or chest) is a common sign of reflux conditions, such as nonerosive GERD and erosive esophagitis.

This blog gives you information to know how to take Dexilant?

How long does it take for Dexilant to fully work?

How long does it take for Dexilant to fully work
How long does it take for Dexilant to fully work?

Dexilant begins to act within some days. In a study, 38% of individuals were heartburn-free after using Dexilant for three days.

Avoid the intake of Dexilant if your signs don’t improve right away. It might take one to two weeks for your signs to be comforted.

Avoid using Dexilant unless your healthcare provider tells you to. Discuss with your physician if your signs haven’t improved after two weeks of treatment.

They might determine if you require a dose increase or switching to a different drug. Next you will get to know how to take Dexilant?

How to take Dexilant?

Method 1: Taking Dexilant in the form of a Capsule

Taking Dexilant in the form of a Capsule
Taking Dexilant in the form of a Capsule
  1. Take the capsule once a day. Ingest the capsule orally once a day. Try consuming the capsule with a full glass of water for getting effective results. Dexilant provides you two releases of medicine in 1 capsule many hours besides each other.
  2. Take Dexilant with or without food. Not like other drugs, you don’t require consuming before using Dexilant. If your signs occur around a meal, your healthcare provider may suggest you to consume Dexilant at least half an hour before the meal. Yet, using Dexilant without food might not harm you.
  3. Take Dexilant with applesauce if you can’t take the capsule whole. If you are not able to swallow the capsule, you may split it open and sprinkle the medicament into applesauce. Ensure to take the applesauce without chewing the drug.
  4. Consume the capsule at the same time daily to create a routine. While not needed, using Dexilant at the same time daily might help you to not miss out a dose. If you fail to remember taking the dose of Dexilant, set an alarm on your phone or generate a chart.
  5. Establish an appropriate protocol when you miss a dose. If you miss out consuming a dose, consume the capsule the moment you remember. Yet, if it’s nearly the time to take your next dose, leave out the missed one and consume the next dose regularly. If you miss a dose, avoid taking two capsules at once to make up for it.

Method 2: Taking Dexilant SoluTab

Taking Dexilant SoluTab
Taking Dexilant SoluTab
  1. Consume the tablet at least half an hour before a meal. For Dexilant to act in a proper way, you might require planning to use it at least half an hour before eating. Set up a reminder while consuming the SoluTab. For instance, if you consume lunch at the same time daily, you may set an alarm for half an hour before that time for when you must take the tab.
  2. Put the tab on your tongue and wait to melt. Once you put the tab on your tongue, it would begin melting. Once it melts, ensure to swallow the drug. Avoid chewing the granules and cutting or breaking the tablet. You don’t require water for the tab to start melting in your mouth.
  3. Take the whole tablet with water as an option to letting it melt. If you don’t wish to wait for the tab to dissolve on your tongue, you may swallow it whole. Take a whole glass of water with the tab, for swallowing it whole and not in discrete pieces. This was about how to take Dexilant?


Why is Dexilant so expensive?

Dexilant is a brand drug without competition from a generic. This implies that the manufacturer, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, costs the maximum amount that they think individuals would pay. In addition, the therapeutic benefits of Dexilant outside other much cheaper drugs to treat GERD are still unidentified, yet the drug remains expensive.

When to take Dexilant morning or night?

Proton pump inhibitors are most effective when they are used before a meal. If you wish to have a large meal, consuming Dexilant half an hour before having anything would improve acid control. Dexilant must not be used on an empty stomach or before bed unless asked by a healthcare provider.

Can you take Dexilant only when needed?

Dexilant comes with prescription only, and is generally consumed as one 30 mg capsule or one 60 mg capsule once a day, based on the condition being treated.

How long does Dexilant stay in your system?

Dexilant comes with a half-life of 1 to 2 hours, thus it stays in the body for up to 24 hours.

How can I get Dexilant cheaper?

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Why is Dexilant not covered by insurance?

Usually, Dexilant is not covered under Medicare prescription drug plans (Part D). Make sure to contact your particular plan to authenticate coverage information. A partial set of medications directed in a healthcare provider’s office or hospital outpatient setting can be covered under Medical Insurance. OffshoreCheapMeds gives you whole information on how to take Dexilant?