10 Best Ways to Improve Men’s Sexual Performance

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Men and sexual performance go hand in hand. Most men are always looking for ways to enhance their sexual performance for increased pleasure and satisfaction during sex.

How To Increase Men’s Sexual Performance?

Poor performance can affect your self-confidence and cause a worsening of your sexual health. It tends to become a vicious cycle that needs to be nipped at the bud.
There are ways to improve your sexual performance while increasing your sexual stamina and boost your sex life. ED medications like ViagraLevitra and Cialis are often being prescribed in males.

10 Tips To Improve Sexual Performance?

1. Distress Yourself:

Stress and anxiety are the biggest enemies of sexual health [Source]. If you are perpetually stressed, it can get difficult to get or maintain an erection. Stress distracts you from being sexually intimate with your partner.

So, focus on ways to distress yourself like meditation, yoga, exercise, pursuing a hobby, improving your sleep pattern, etc. If needed, go for therapy and counseling sessions without any hesitation to get help.

Distress Yourself
Distress Yourself

2. Spice It Up:

Men who are used to the daily routine pattern of sexual intercourse may tend to lose interest. Sexual intimacy thrives in passion and excitement. If you have been with your partner for a long time, sex may feel monotonous.

Try to spice up your sex life by trying a new sexual activity with your partner. Openly communicate about your sexual fantasies and try to think of ways to make your sex life more interesting.

Do something new like a hobby or a chore with your partner outside your bedroom. This could vary from cooking together, painting, taking pottery classes, trying a new sport, etc. The new activity will help you feel more connected to your partner and increase the excitement in the relationship.

Spice it up
Spice it up

3. Foreplay = Success

Sexual intercourse is not just a mere penetrative act. It is a combination of foreplay and penetration. Foreplay includes touching, kissing, caressing, and fondling.

Long-lasting foreplay can be a sex stamina booster and improve your sexual performance. [Source]


4. Communicate And Converse:

Speaking uninhibitedly is the prime key to a healthy sexual life. Convey your sexual fantasies and interests to your partner openly. If you have sex-related issues, that can cause unnecessary tension in the relationship and hamper your sexual performance.

Talk to your partner and discuss your fears, your likes and dislikes about your sexual interests. Work on fulfilling them for both of you to increase your sexual performance.

Communicate And Converse
Communicate And Converse

5. Counselling:

Sexual performance can be low due to a variety of physical as well as mental causes. The emotional component is a major factor in the sexual performance of an individual.

Counseling helps deal with the psychological cause which is leading to sexual dysfunction.

Consult a counselor for understanding the underlying cause of your deranged sexual performance.


6. Watch Your Weight:

Obesity is a major cause of concern when it comes to sexual performance. Comorbidity like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. are related to obesity.

This can lead to libido problems that cause troubled erections. Keeping your weight under check and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help increase your sexual performance.

Watch Your Weight
Watch Your Weight

7. Stay Active:

Exercise and activity are a must to stay in shape. A healthy body increases libido and thereby increases your sexual performance.

Exercise helps improve your sex stamina and endurance.

Physical fitness helps keep morbid conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, etc. at bay and boosts sexual health.

Even in small spaces, walking around or walking on the spot, can help you remain active.

If you have a call, stand or walk around your home while you speak, instead of sitting down.

If you decide to go outside to walk or exercise, be sure to maintain at least a 1-meter distance from other people.

Stay Active
Stay Active

8. Spare Time For Sex:

With time, you tend to become busy in your daily routine and forget to make time for your partner. Sex is an important part of your life and it needs to be addressed from time to time. Everyday life can create a barrier to sexual performance.

It is thus important for couples to set aside time during the week to nurture their bond and foster intimacy. Healthy sexual performance leads to a healthy intimate relationship.

Spare Time For Sex
10 Best Ways to Improve Men's Sexual Performance 2

9. Mindful Meditation:

Since stress is a major cause of decreased sexual performance, it is necessary to be mindfully healthy. Mindfulness is a type of meditation that helps you relax and reduces your stress and anxiety levels.

It works by focusing on your breathing and enjoying the present moment. You do not let your mind wander and focus on what you have currently. This helps you perform better sexually and increases your sex stamina.


10. Consult A Physician:

Many times, sexual performance cannot be tackled with just lifestyle changes. You may require performance-enhancing drugs to boost your libido. Consult your physician to understand your body’s requirements and get the right kind of medication that suits you.

You can try the above tips to improve your sex life and decide on a solution that suits you the best. Each individual is different and so are the requirements for sexual performance. Speak to a physician to understand your sexual issues and tackle the problem accordingly.

Consult A Physician
Consult A Physician

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