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Why Vaniqa is prescribed?

Vaniqa Cream contains the active ingredients, Eflornithine. It is prescribed to females to slow down the growth of unnecessary.

It acts by reducing the new hair growth and re-growth. It works at the level of hair follicles by minimizing the activity of an enzyme associated with hair growth.

How to use Vaniqa?

Apply approximately 25 mg of cream two times every day for cleaning dry skin of the face as well as rub it in until no longer visible. A time interval of at least 8 hours is left between applications. In case irritation occurs, lower down the use of this medication to one time on a daily basis. If irritation still continues, visit a nearby physician. Avoid contact with the mouth, inner nose as well as eyes. Leave for at least 4 hours prior to washing it off. Make sure to use only on the affected area, usually the chin, cheeks, and upper lip. If the medication by mistake gets swallowed, in anything but a smear of cream, see a nearby doctor.

What if I miss the dose of medicine?

If you experience trouble while remembering when to apply a dose of Vaniqa Cream, make a schedule. A missed dose is never used close to the next dose. This leads to an overdose of the medication. You may leave out the missed dose and carry on with the next dose.

What are the side effects Vaniqa?

Side effects, if they take place, are normally topical, occurring at the site the cream is used, and generally resolving once treatment is discontinued. The most commonly reported side effect of Vaniqa Cream includes acne. Others may be dry skin, swelling, hair loss, skin irritation, rash, redness, as well as stinging and tingling. Other ill effects are less common.

What are the safety/warnings/precautions for Vaniqa?

  • Females with a history of kidney or liver disease must try to avoid Vaniqa.
  • Do not use Vaniqa cream if you are pregnant or lactating a child. Substitute treatments must be used.
  • Visit a doctor if you are making use of other skin preparations simultaneously with this medication. Wait for about 5 minutes prior to the application of any makeup or other skin preparations.
  • It is necessary to talk about the patient’s medical history, particularly problems related to cuts, infections, as well as sores on the face.
  • Females who are sensitive to Eflornithine or Vaniqa cream must not use this cream.

What are the possible drug interactions?

No drug interaction research studies have been done, so this is unidentified. On the other hand, as Vaniqa is a local treatment and only little amounts get absorbed into the body, drug interactions are not likely. Vaniqa will not have an impact on your contraception.

Is there a Generic Vaniqa available?

Yes, the generic equivalent to Vaniqa cream: Eflornithine is available.

Can I buy Vaniqa without prescription?

No, a valid prescription is required for this medication.

Safety and storage?

SStore at room temperature. Do not freeze. Store in a dry place. Do not store in a bathroom. Protect from light.

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