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OffShoreCheapmeds aims to provide all the necessary information related to health and medicine, encouraging you to make sensible and healthy choices. We work with a team of the top-most certified medical authors and reviewers to give you the latest and authentic healthcare content. Our team of medical writers and editors makes scientific information easy to understand for everyone. They also make sure that the content posted on the site is trustworthy, and medically accurate.

Our Editorial Process

We provide reliable, up-to-date, and accurate healthcare content that can be your go-to source for all medical information.

How does our editorial team work?

  • Our team of qualified medical writers creates easy-to-understand and comprehensive content on health issues and drugs. All the articles are factually correct, science-backed, and evidence-based.
  • Our medical professionals check facts based on scientific research.
  • The medical content review board reviews the content then we update content on the website.

Trusted Medical information

There is a burst of information on the internet that may not always be helpful. It can more often leave you flustered. Even though you can understand your condition and make the right decisions, the information on the internet may not be accurate. There is a lot of incorrect and potentially dangerous information online. Therefore, you cannot trust all sources blindly.

We ensure that all information provided on our website is taken from research papers, science-backed websites, and other trusted sources. We also update and modify content timely as new medicines get approved, old drugs get discontinued, health authorities issue new regulations or change the guidelines. We provide all the latest research and accurate information that helps you make an informed decision with regard to your health.

Meet Our Team

Our team of medical writers is a dedicated group of medical authors and reviewers exclusively chosen to provide you with scientific and relevant healthcare information. It is easy to comprehend, accurate and will aid in you making informed medical decisions about your health.

Dr. Shruthi Shridhar

MD Physician

Dr. Shruthi Shridhar is an MD Physician and a Clinical Nutritionist with over 9 years of clinical experience. She is an accomplished medical writer and has worked with a variety of specialist physicians like an MD physician, a gynaecologist, a paediatrician, and an orthopaedic and has gained optimal clinical knowledge.

She currently has a digital practice through which she manages patients and their health conditions remotely. With the triad of medicine, nutrition, and counselling, Dr. Shruthi aims to provide holistic care to all her domestic and international patients.

Dr. Shruthi's hobbies include travelling, graphotherapy, face reading, and dream analysis.

Shaifali Patidar

Master's of Biotechnology

Shaifali Patidar received her master’s degree in biotechnology with distinction in 2014. She is a versatile content writer with over 6 years of experience in healthcare writing. She has an in-depth knowledge of medical terminology and a clear understanding of research data with strong critical thinking and analytical skills.

Having worked in media companies, she created high-quality news articles on nutrition, health, wellness, science, and technology. Her areas of interest include genetics, immunology, nutrition, and microbiology.

She enjoys doing yoga, traveling, reading books, and painting in her spare time.

Mukta Mathew

Bachelor’s of Pharmacy

Mukta Mathew is a board certified, licensed pharmacist and medical writer. She is a 2006 graduate with pharmacy experience of more than 8 years in retail and hospital pharmacy.

She holds rich experience in diverse domains of healthcare. However, her pharmacy interests include oncology and general inpatient pharmacy.

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