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Uroxatral or Generic Alfuzosin Uses, Dosage & Side effects

Uroxatral is the trade name for medication, Alfuzosin. The medication is prescribed for patients, who experience urination disorders associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia. Uroxatral is often administered for other purposes, although it is expected to consult a physician before off-label medication use.

How do Uroxatral works?

Alfuzosin is classified as an alpha-adrenergic blocker. Alfuzosin, being an active medicament in Uroxatral, influences the bladder neck as well as prostate muscles, relaxing them and improving the overall urination process.

How to use Uroxatral?

Take Uroxatral strictly as per the doctor’s prescription in order to get the best effects and an improved condition. Avoid enhancing or doubling the dose of medication, since the drug misuse will trigger dangerous complications. Uroxatral must be administered via an oral route on a daily basis. It is preferable to use the treatment at roughly the same time each day. Your prostate, as well as blood pressure, will have to be checked often during the treatment course of Uroxatral.

What if you miss a dose of Uroxatral?

If you missed a dose of this drug, take it the moment you remember, but if it is less than 4 hours before your next dose, just skip the missed dose. Do not try to balance a missed dose by taking an extra one.

What are the side effects associated with this medication?

If you experience certain symptoms of an allergic reaction such as hives, breathing difficulty, swelling on your face as well as low or uneven heartbeat, feeling light-headed, fatigue, swelling of your ankles or feet, nausea, clay-colored stool, yellowing of your skin, cold feeling in your hands and feet, discuss with your physician and look out for instant medical help. Usually, Uroxatral is a safe treatment that might bring about only minor complications. Signs such as drowsiness, headache, dizziness, sore throat as well as stuffy nose commonly occur with this active ingredient of the drug. The side effects will fade away in a short while.

Drug-Drug Interactions:

Certain drugs that must not be used with Uroxatral include:

• Alpha-adrenergic antagonists 

• PDE-5 inhibitors (Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis)

• Antibiotics 

• Medications for high blood pressure, heart problems, irregular heartbeat such as nitrates

• CYP3A4 inhibitors (Ritonavir, Ketoconazole, and Itraconazole)

• Multivitamin products as well as herbal or health supplements

Safety tips:

Striving to take advantage of the Uroxatral effect and observe no side effects, must follow the doctor's prescription as well as safety directions without changes. 

• If you have usually low blood pressure, coronary artery disorder, history of long QT syndrome, then it is a must avoid the use of this drug.

• Patients with liver or kidney disorder must not take Uroxatral.

• It is good to avoid its use in prostate cancer.

• People hypersensitive to Alfuzosin and other ingredients of the treatment must not use the drug. 

• The medication is not advised for children, females and any person younger than 18 years old.

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