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Buy Accupril or Generic Quinapril Online

Therapeutic Class: ACE inhibitor

Active Ingredients: This medicine includes quinapril

Related Medications: Enalapril, Ramipril (Altace), Captopril (Capoten), Fosinopril (Monopril)

Health condition: Diabetes, High blood pressure, High cholesterol or Triglycerides

Accupril or Generic Quinapril Uses, Dosage & Side effects

Quinapril is an ACE inhibitor and used to treat high blood pressure and prevent heart strokes. Quinapril may also be used with other medications for various treatments. 

What are the uses of Quinapril?

Your blood pressure is frequently varying as your heart relaxes and pushes. High blood pressure is when your blood pressure is constantly higher than safe blood pressure for you. A single high blood pressure reading doesn’t mean you have hypertension. It is usual for your blood pressure to rise and fall during the day. Blood pressure increases during physical activity or when you are angry, excited, or afraid and these are frequently short-lived episodes. Accupril is an antihypertensive medication, with remarkable blood pressure lowering effects. Accupril contains Quinapril, indicated in the treatment of high blood pressure and heart failure.

Even if you are taking this medication, you must add simple lifestyle changes in your life that may help prevent you from developing it in the future.

What is the mechanism of action of Accupril?

Accupril is specifically prescribed for the treatment of high blood pressure. Hypertension itself does not cause symptoms but if it is not treated on time, it may lead to problems caused by the narrowing of blood vessels (atherosclerosis). It may also lead to complications such as irregular heartbeat, myocardial infarction and heart failure. It is a serious medical condition that generally happens when the flow of blood pumping through the arteries is very strong. Accupril is an exceptional antihypertensive medication which not only cures high blood pressure but also prevents other heart complications. Quinapril works by relaxation of blood vessels and lowering the heart rate to improve blood flow and lowers blood pressure.

How to take Accupril?

Consult your doctor or physician for the exact dose and duration. The suggested dose of this medication is one tablet on a daily basis, with or without food.

What if I missed a dose of Accupril?

In case you miss out on a dose of Accupril tablet, take it the moment it is possible, but skip out the missed dose if it is almost the time for your next dose. Avoid taking two doses at the same time.

In case of overdose, what should I do?

An overdose means consuming too much of a medicine (or combination of medicines) for your body to be able to cope with. The general symptoms of overdose with this drug are:

 Symptoms: hypotension and low heartbeat, or coma.

 Management: Immediately contact your nearby emergency department before these symptoms get worse.

What are the side effects associated with Accupril?

The side effects are the negative effects of drug or medical treatment. The common side effects which can occur after taking this medicine are:

• Trouble breathing
• Severe dizziness
• Light-headedness
• High potassium levels in the blood
• Serious allergic reaction
• Unusual change in the amount of urine

If these undesirable effects make it difficult for you to continue with your daily life, then your consultant can help.

What are the drug interactions associated with the Accupril tablet?

The drug interaction is a condition in which one drug increases or decreases the activity of another drug when both are administered together. This medicine interacts with these drugs:

• NSAIDs: Ibuprofen, Naproxen
• ACE Inhibitors: Benazepril, Lisinopril
• Birth control pills: Drospirenone

Not all the likely interactions are stated in this medication guide. Thus it becomes vital to let your doctor know about all the drugs you are using currently and any drug you start or stop using.

Where to store Generic Accupril?

Store this drug in a cool and dry place away from heat and moisture. Keep it out of reach of children and pets.

Precautionary measures:

Read these precautions carefully before taking this medicine:

 Inform your doctor or physician in case of prolonged vomiting or diarrhea prior to intake of Accupril tablet.
 Avoid taking this medication if you have a medical history of liver disease.
 Do not take Accupril tablet if you have a problem with the loss of too much water/ minerals.
 Also do not take this drug if you are allergic to Quinapril or any of the excipient.
 Also do not breastfeed your child if you are taking this medicine.
 Avoid the use of this medicine in case you have an issue of bile duct blockage.

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