Smoking Causes Lung Cancer: All You Should Know

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Smoking Causes Lung Cancer(90%) Deaths

It is projected that one-third of the grown-up population and just about 1.1 Billion individuals across the globe, smokes tobacco! It has been proven that smoking leads to poor health and causes approximately 5 million deaths per annum.

In the United States particularly, cigarette smoking is directly linked to 80 to 90 percent of lung cancer-related deaths. The consumption of supplementary tobacco products such as pipes or cigars also raises the risk of similar chronic disease

Smoking Causes Lung Cancer: Primary cause of cancer deaths in the US

Smoking Cause Lung Cancer
Smoking Causes Lung Cancer

Smoking causes lung Cancer. Since November is considered to be Lung Cancer Awareness Month, did you know that tobacco smoke is a venomous mixture of more than 7,000 chemicals? This is consumed directly by a smoker leading to hazardous consequences, making the body habitual of this intake!

As per a report shared by the American Lung Association this year, around 400 people lose their lives every single day to this devastating disease. American Lung Association is a foremost organization working towards saving lives to improve your lung condition and prevent lung or similar chronic diseases, through research, advocacy, and spreading awareness.

Smoking causes lung Cancer. The lung cancer rate has increased drastically to 87 percent amongst the women population in the last four decades. Early detection of such a disease can lead to higher survival rates though; prevention is always the best cure!

How does smoking cause lung cancer?

Lung Cancer: Symptoms, Risks, Treatment
Lung Cancer: Symptoms, Risks, Treatment

Doctors consider smoking causes lung cancer by damaging the blood cells that line up the lungs. When anyone inhales the smoke coming out from a cigarette, the person inhales cancer-causing substances such as carcinogens, etc, damaging the lung tissues from the very beginning. At first, a body may be able to recover and repair this caused damage, however, in the long run repairing tissues are depleted completely.

Several studies have revealed that exercising while you are willing to quit smoking can reduce the feelings of withdrawal that come with the sometimes unpleasant task. You should create a workout routine, which may help you to rid of this life-threatening habit.

Symptoms and Causes:

Smoking causes lung Cancer. Typically, it does not cause any signs or symptoms in the early stages, however, you may notice:

  • Constant cough (or cough with blood in it).
  • Irregular breathing.
  • Chest pain.
  • Creakiness in the throat.
  • Sudden weight loss.
  • Pain in bones.
  • Headache

In case you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately

Lung Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment:

Smoking is one of the key reasons for lung cancer. Men who smoke 23 times, and women who smoke 13 times a day or so, are most likely to develop such devastating disease. Nonsmokers have a 20 greater chance of developing lung cancer by 20 to 30 percent in case they are exposed to secondhand smoke at their workplace or home.

It has been observed that besides smoking; exposure to radon gas causes 10 percent, work-related exposure to carcinogens accounts for just about 9 to 15 percent and the outdoor air toxic waste adds the rest 1 to 2 percent.

At the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, you may get advanced medical treatments as well as supportive care services along with a list of Lung cancer prescription drugs like Bevacizumab, Doxorubicin, or Erlotinib which is available at an accredited online pharmacy.

Though, early screening and detection of such a disease, in individuals who are at potentially high risk may dramatically improve the survival rates by finding a proper cure and meditation.

Also, you may seek advice on how to quit smoking and what are ways to detox your body from time to time to avoid the continual harm caused by such diseases.

Smoking Cause Lung Cancer but don’t worry We believe you have got enough reasons to quit smoking now and celebrate Lung Cancer Awareness Month with good health and well-being in the long run!