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Janumet is available in the form of a tablet. The Janumet price differs by the amount that you purchase. For instance, 60 Janumet tablets cost about $480 at your local pharmacy. Prices are for clients who are paying cash only and are not applicable to insurance plans. Here, with us, you will be able to avail the benefit of prescription savings on Janumet. We offer you great deals, offers, and coupons on Janumet in order to help you save on the medication. This you can present it to your pharmacist at the moment you are filling your prescription. They will help you in adding your discount at the counter. Read more in relation to Janumet generic and Janumet coupon below.Read More

Cheapest Canadian pharmacy

Over the years, Canada’s pharmaceutical industry has seen steady growth and evolved to be a leader in the production of high-quality generic drugs. Even people from America prefer to buy medicines from Canada. There is a lot of reason behind it. However, the major reason is the non-affordability of prescription drugs.

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Cancer is a very critical ailment as we all know and it is very essential for all of us to understand as to how positively we can think of overcoming the situation and do every bit to have a proper cure.

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Generic is effective as brand drugs

The generic drugs may look different in terms of look and packaging but they work the same as their costlier branded counterpart. They have the same chemical composition as the brand name products. But what is the difference?

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Who does not like the convenience that saves money too? And when online pharmacies give you an option of buying prescription medicines cheaper than your local drugstore how can you resist the urge to feel tempted. In fact, it makes sense to try them and save some time and money.


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Prescription drugs of branded companies are known to burn a hole in your pocket in the United States. Due to high price rate, Americans prefer buying drugs from Canadian pharmacies. Before doing that many factors are to be kept in mind, like legal and safety measures. Otherwise, the temptation to buy drugs without checking the authentication of online Canadian pharmacies can lead you to major health hazards. Hence, think about the following questions before buying drugs online from any pharmacy.

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how to buy prescription drugs online safely

Worried you are buying illegitimate medicines over the internet? Here is how you can avoid falling prey to online pharmacy scams


Buying safe prescription drugs online is harder than booking a cheap, last-minute airline ticket. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), around 50% of medicines sold online are counterfeit; many of them contain boric acid or lead, which are extremely dangerous to health. Following a series of drug scams in the last few years, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has found that just 3% of online pharmacies sell safe and legal medicines to American customers online (Source: ABC News).

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Difference between OTC and Prescription Drugs - Offshore Cheap Meds

A drug is used in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of any disease. There are mainly two types of drugs; over the counter drugs and prescription drugs. Rx is the symbolic meaning of prescription drugs whereas OTC is used for over the counter drugs. Prescription drugs are only accessible with a valid prescription from a prescriber. As these drugs are heavily regulated, the patient is required to visit the prescriber (a doctor) along with a diagnosis and monitoring, to make sure that the medicine is safe and effective.

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Advantages of Buying Medicine from Online Pharmacy

Given the rising popularity of the internet, especially e-commerce, shopping online has become one of the most popular activities. Today you can buy anything from electronics to apparel to furniture and automobiles online. The technology has become so advanced that you no longer need to go to markets to buy fresh vegetables and fruits as one can order online and get them delivered at home. Internet has also become very important source to buy prescription medicines online.

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online pharmacy

Buying medicines from online pharmacy could be one of the most convenient experiences. It not only provides comfort and privacy, but buyers also save a huge amount of time and money when buying meds online. However, as everything has its pros and cons, there are potential risks if you do not shop from a genuine online pharmacy.

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