Generic Vs Brand Drugs

Before understanding the difference between generic and brand name drugs, Let’s us understand what are these drugs.

Brand Name Drugs: These kinds of drugs are also known as ‘innovator drugs’. These drugs are originally developed by a pharmaceutical company which gains approval from the FDA to exclusively market and sell the product for as long as it has the patent protection.  

Generic Drugs: These are copies of the brand name drugs and are produced after the original patent expires.

Similarities and Difference Between Generic and Brand Name Drugs:

  • Both brand name and generic drugs have similar active ingredient(s), and it is essential that the generic drugs meet the standards of its original counterpart.

    Other than containing the same active ingredient(s), the generic drugs must also have the same dosage form, effectiveness, quality, and safety.

    However, generic drugs may differ in shape, color, size, preservatives, inactive ingredients and packaging compared to their brand name drugs.

    In short, the generic drugs that you buy from any certified pharmacy may look different from the brand name drugs; however, their pharmacological effects are exactly the same.

  • To add to this, the biggest difference between brand name and generic prescription drugs is the cost. The manufacturers of generic drugs directly compete on the price, thus the consumers get these drugs in lower rates. The companies that manufacture generic drugs do not have the expense of research and development of a new chemical entity. On the other hand, brand name drugs are expensive.

  • Given that generic drugs are cheaper, many people become concerned about their quality and effectiveness. In fact, there is no reason to worry as generic drugs have to meet the same high standards set by the FDA.

    Many people also think that generic drugs take longer time to work. However, as per the FDA standards, generic drugs are required to work as fast and as efficiently as their brand name counterparts. Thus, one can take generic drugs without worrying about its quality or effectiveness.

    One can also buy generic drugs online from certified pharmacies, which makes it easier for a person to buy generics online with just a few clicks.

To customer’s advantage, generic drugs cost around 40-60% less with the same strength, dosage and quality compare to brand drugs. Nowadays, doctors and hospitals prescribe generic drugs more as compared to brand name drugs. As a matter of fact, generic drugs make up more than 80% of prescriptions filled in the U.S. Thus, it is completely safe and also smart to choose generic drugs over brand name drugs.

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