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What is Myocardities?

Myocarditis is an inflammation of the middle layer of the heart wall. This disease can damage the heart muscle and electrical system, which in turn reduces the heart’s ability to pump, leading to rapid or abnormal heart rhythms. Even though the precise cause of Myocarditis is unknown, it affects thousands of people in the U.S every year.Read More

How smoking causes Cancer?

It is projected that one-third of the grown-up population and just about 1.1 Billion individuals across the globe, smokes tobacco! It has been proven that smoking leads to poor health and causes approximately 5 million deaths per annum. In the United States particularly, cigarette smoking is directly linked to 80 to 90 percent of lung cancer-related deaths. The consumption of supplementary tobacco products such as pipes or cigars also raises the risk of similar chronic diseases.


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Heart Saving Tips

There is no Reason for your Heart to Skip a Beat unless it is Love. This World Heart Day, let’s resolve to keep our hearts healthy and functioning…

Heart—one of the most vital organs of the body is believed to be the center of all emotions, poetically. While we can’t guarantee the credibility of heart as the chauffeur of human feelings, we do know it plays an important role in the body that is, supplying oxygen-rich blood to cells, and carrying off carbon dioxide to the lungs for release.


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